Payment policy

For all our services, payment is due immediately after your appointment.

How to pay for your appointment

For most ENT services and procedures, your insurance company will only pay part of the fee. You will need to pay any remaining balance not covered by your insurance plan.

We can make arrangements for a monthly payment plan. However, you have to agree this monthly plan with Dr Miller – and put it into effect – before your procedure or service.

Insured patients: co-payment

The total charge for each consultation consists of two parts. Your insurance company pays one part and you have to pay the other part (this is your co-payment amount).

Your co-payment amount will vary depending on your insurance company. If your insurer does not pay their part, you will need to settle any amounts owed. Please pay your bill within 30 days of receiving our services or procedures.

HIP and FutureCare: no coverage

Unfortunately, HIP and FutureCare do not cover in-office endoscopy procedures or our sleep studies. So you will have to pay the full cost for those procedures.

If you do not have insurance

If you do not have insurance, please discuss your payment options with us before your appointment.

As an uninsured patient you could pay under our special credit terms. However, Dr Miller has to confirm this before your appointment. Under our credit terms you can pay your bill within 30 days without being charged interest.

Ways to pay your bill

For your convenience, we accept card payments by MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

We also accept cash payments in the following currencies:

  • Bermuda dollars
  • US dollars
  • Canadian dollars
  • British pound sterling.

Queries about your bill

We’re happy to answer any questions about your bill or amounts due: please call us on (+441) 295 1331.