Asthma is a breathing disorder. It occurs when the tubes taking air to and from your lungs become irritated. These irritated tubes restrict and block your airway.

An asthma attack is when you have a sudden reaction to something in your environment. During the attack you might find it hard to breathe. An attack usually has a stimulus (something that triggers the attack or makes it worse).

Common symptoms of attacks include coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath.


Dr Miller will discuss your symptoms and medical history with you. He will then examine you and carry out special tests to confirm your asthma. He will discuss possible causes and treatment options.


We offer guidance and information on managing breathing disorders.

You can reduce the chance of an attack by avoiding known stimuli.

Medical treatments include bronchodilators. Bronchodilators help relax your lung muscles and widen your air tubes. Other options are steroids combined with other medication or with immunotherapy.

Special information for children

If your child has asthma you must tell family and friends. You must also tell anyone looking after your child (especially at school and in play groups).

Your child’s teacher should be familiar with their treatment. Teachers should also know how to give your child the medication they need.

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